Service and Repair

Our on-staff dispense experts have you covered. They will perform an onsite assessment of your draught beverage system and determine the appropriate action. We will determine the proper level of cleaning.

We use several cleaning solutions. Our special acid mixture is perfect for removing large amounts of debris and beerstone.

Using specific techniques taught and learned, we will identify the issue. Then our technicians will offer a quote of service recommended.

We offer various cleaning strategies. Usually, we recommend starting with a heavier cleaning method which removes any beerstone and/or debris as a result of uncleaned lines. All taps and FOBs are removed, taken apart and cleaned. Caustic cleaning, Acid Cleaning, then Rinse the lines, and then you have beer the way the brewmaster intended to taste. 

Beer~Water~Caustic Solution~Water~Acid Solution~Water (proper pH level)~ Beer.

We perform several rinses of water through each line to ensure we do not mix chemicals or create an issue.

Not only do we rinse the lines out with water thoroughly, we test the pH level of the water. To ensure proper pH we confirm the water out of the lines matches the water from the faucet in the kitchen/sink.

The end result?